Lift Pass Price Ski Resort Comparison

Lift Pass Price Ski Resort Comparison

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Lift Pass Price Ski Resort Comparison

Chairlifts get us high - but at what cost?! We all know the price of lift passes varies from resort to resort and if it’s a big ski area it can set you back a fair whack. So should you be considering the cost of the pass BEFORE you book your catered chalet holiday? Absolutely!

A family ski chalet holiday is not cheap and considering the cost of the add-ons, including the cost of lift passes, is a must. So how do our ski resorts compare?

First, let’s consider the price of a 6 day adult ‘full area’ pass:

La Rosiere/Espace San Bernardo = €279

Montchavin/Paradiski = €369

Reberty/Three Valleys = €375

La Rosiere is the cheapest!

How about a family pass? These are normally cheaper per person, however La Rosiere no longer offers a family pass but apply a discount when buying 4 or more passes of the same duration, which can be a huge benefit for everyone! So let’s check the prices:

La Rosiere/Espace San Bernardo = €880 = €220 per person for 4 or more passes

Montchavin/Paradiski = €1,132 = €283 per person for 2 adults and 2 children

Reberty/Three Valleys = €1,200 = €300 per person for 2 adults and 2 children

BUT - it’s not just about the price - it’s about value for money. Have you ever considered how many kilometres of piste you are getting? How much does the lift pass cost per km? We’ve done the calculations:

La Rosiere = Espace San Bernardo = 154km = €1.74/km

Montchavin = Paradiski = 425km = €0.87/km

Reberty = Three Valleys = 600km = €0.63/km

Not surprisingly, the larger ski areas offer greater value for money. However, considerations are endless of course - what about how well the ski area is maintained, how snow sure is it, how busy will it be, what about lift queues..?!

Finally - it’s important to know that some resorts vary prices during the season or offer BOGOF deals or similar, so booking LOW SEASON dates can have a huge impact on the cost of lift passes!

For example….


16th-22nd December  = BOGOF - Buy One Get One Free


16th-19th December/13th-16th January/16th-19th March = PARADISKI LIFT PASS FOR THE PRICE OF LA PLAGNE

6th-9th January/23rd-26th March = 20% DISCOUNT

6th-13th April = 2 ADULT PASSES = 1 CHILD PASS FREE

NB: Your first day of skiing must fall within these dates to qualify for the above promotions.

Does that change your mind about where to book?!

Alpinium offer to get your lift passes for you, at the BEST AVAILABLE PRICE and we collect them for you so your passes are at the chalet when you arrive!

Rest assured, when you book a holiday with Alpinium and buy your lift passes through us, ALL available discounts based on your group dynamics are applied so you get the best available price. 



Family passes are based on:

La Rosiere = discount for 4 or more passes, 2 adults age 13-64 and 2 children age 5-12

Montchavin = family pass for 2 adults age 18-64 and either 2 juniors age 13-17 or 2 children age 5-12

Reberty = family pass for 2 adults age 13-64 and 2 children age 5-17

Size of ski area:

Not all resorts measure their size the same way, with many publishing a more commercially attractive size of ski area which could include estimations taking into account a skiers path to include turns. For example, La Rosiere’s officially measure area is 154km but they estimate a skier would ski 200km if they skied every run and the distance measured included turns!

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