Christmas Chalet Holidays are magical with Alpinium!

Christmas Chalet Holidays are magical with Alpinium!

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Christmas Chalet Holidays are magical with Alpinium!

I love Christmas in the Alps and guests often expect it to be a staff day off so to put the record straight, its worth highlighting what to expect.

Christmas Day looks something like this….unless you prefer a later breakfast of course!

07.30: Our Chalet Hosts arrive prompt and work quietly freshening up the living area, putting the tea and coffee on and preparing the breakfast table for you.

08.00: Breakfast is served, the table looks fabulous, the Christmas tree lights are twinkling away and “Do they know it's Christmas” is playing in the background gently inviting you to make your way to the table. Our team look the part with Santa hats and tinsel and a glass of Bucks Fizz gets breakfast going. The enticing aroma of freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolat is in the air and Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs and fresh toast is on the menu.

It’s a pretty relaxed affair and your kids will be edging closer to the tree eagerly to find their prezzies, breakfast is well under way and its always without fail a wonderful White Christmas. Often sunny and equally often snowing!

09.30: You've headed for the slopes wearing Santa hats and with ski poles garnished with tinsel and a big smile for a fantastic day skiing. What could be better than skiing on Christmas day with your family and friends?

17.00: Christmas Dinner is being prepared and the table looks fabulous. Christmas crackers are laid neatly on a very festive looking dinner table which has been set beautifully by your hosts. A very traditional Christmas faire has been lovingly prepared for dinner, a classic Prawn Cocktail followed by a Roast Turkey dinner, complete with stuffing and Pigs in Blankets finishing with Christmas Pudding or a Chocolate Log for those who prefer something different.

And later: Yummy Mince pies and a good old Christmas movie followed by board games whilst enjoying what remains of the wine and beer!

No Christmas Day fatigue here, you will never had to lift a finger! Our amazing team lovingly prepare everything and leave the chalet looking spotless….these Christmas Fairies have done a fine job!

Join us for a fabulous Christmas Ski Holiday this winter!

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Jun 2024

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