What's it like being a chalet host?

What's it like being a chalet host?

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What's it like being a chalet host?

Whether you are one of our lovely guests or simply browsing our site with a view to working a season, this blog is designed to enlighten you with what goes on behind the scenes… 


My alarm goes off at 7am and I need to be at work for 07.30…a quick shower and I'm dressed. I’m lucky, my staff accom is below the chalet tucked away.

0730 – 0800 – PREP TIME

Today I’m in luck, my lovely guests cleared up after their party games, so just a quick tidy up, open the curtains then put the coffee on for any early risers. My pre-prepared croissants were delivered last night, so its straight in the oven for 15 minutes until golden brown. Yummy… can’t beat the aroma of freshly baked pastries for breakfast. The hot option today is a Full English so the sausages have gone straight in the oven too and the grill is up and running for bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. The table takes me about 10 minutes to set and looks very inviting…fresh baguettes are delivered daily, so slice one up and add it to the croissants and pain au chocolat. There are a selection of breakfast cereals and yoghurts to put out along with a fruit bowl and condiments. Porridge is also on the go.

0800-0900 – BREEKKIES!

My guests are appearing a little at a time for breakfast….With all the prep done, I’m serving and they are a happy bunch…I just have to keep a close eye on top ups of juices, tea and coffee, remove unwanted crockery and make sure the guests have a lovely breakfast. Whilst all that going on, I have emptied the dishwasher from last night and made a cake too…as the croissants come out, the cake goes in!


Some of my guests are pretty keen and are up and off for first lifts but one or two are taking advantage of a much needed holiday and are at a more leisurely pace. I’m busy clearing away the table, reloading the dishwasher, washing up and then some prep for the evening. By 9.45 I have the dessert and vegan dish made for my special guest. I’ve cleaned the fireplace and reset it, dug the fresh snow off the balcony, added a little chlorine to the hot tub and I’m spending the next half an hour whizzing around the bedrooms with my cleaning bucket….making beds, hanging up clothes and freshening up the bathrooms. Just 10 minutes left to decorate the cake and set afternoon tea for my returning happy skiing guests.


SKI SKI SKI ...yeah!....met up with my teamies and off we go to hit the slopes.


A little rest and a quick shower!...Love my power naps!


It's prep time again to feed my little guests at 6pm and then cracking on with dinner prep. Oh boy am I glad I made the dessert this morning…an hour or so to make entrée and a main course….. the log fire is lit, lights are dimmed, Ed Sheeran is strumming and humming away in the background…I’m multi-tasking, preparing food, cooking and cleaning as I go along, my dinner table looks beautiful with sparkling wine glasses and I am proud of my Sydney Opera House origami with the napkins!


Dinner is served!....It’s a balancing act….the main event!....prepared with love and pride, entrée is on the table and whilst my guests are tucking in, I’m nailing down the main course…whilst looking after table service, topping up wine. Just a case of taking a little time to present my meal so it looks and tastes amazing and then a case of looking after my guests needs whilst performing a cleaning miracle in the kitchen!


Finishing touches in the kitchen and a small glass of wine at the invitation of my guests before making sure my dishwasher is turned on, preparing a little for tomorrow breakfast and finally, sweeping and mopping the floor …quietly.

I am truly impressed with myself….I can do this….and my guests have complimented me on the dinner party which feels very rewarding. …Did I mention I get paid to do this…..my favourite things…ski...cook….eat and drink! 


Believe it or not…I still have energy and I’m off for a deserved beer and some great company with my new friends…and some sleep!

Jun 2024
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