Ski Chalets: Catered vs Self-catered

Ski Chalets: Catered vs Self-catered

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Ski Chalets: Catered vs Self-catered

Skiing in the Alps is the ultimate winter holiday. Zooming down powdery slopes, sipping Eggnog at a mountain hut while watching the sun go down, relaxing by a cosy fireplace,... If you enjoy the snow, nothing beats the experience. To make the trip as authentic and luxurious as possible, you’ll want to stay in a typical chalet.

You can either opt for a catered or self-catered ski chalet. But which offers the best value?

At first glance, a self-catered chalet holiday is cheaper. But who has the energy to shop and cook at the end of a long day on the slopes? Plus, eating out near the ski resorts in the Alps is notoriously very costly. Let’s compare the two types of holidays in detail.

Catered vs Self-catered Ski Chalet Holidays: Price And Value Comparison

A stay at one of our luxury catered ski chalets in the French Alps starts from £795 per person per week. This includes:

  • Prosecco or Kir Royale and Canapés upon arrival
  • Hearty breakfasts
  • Homemade cakes for afternoon tea
  • Home-cooked, three-course meals for dinner
  • A local cheese board on the last night
  • A French Savoyard cuisine night
  • Quality bottled wines at dinner
  • A barrel of beer for the week
  • PG Tips tea and quality coffee 24/7
  • Six days of housekeeping.

A week in a comparable self-catered chalet holiday in the French Alps costs an average of £600 per person (based on our research). So the difference in headline cost comes out at about £200 per person. That £200 'saving' equates to £33 per day over six days, which is the number of days food that's included in a catered chalet. If you were to go out for breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner in a French ski resort, you’d spend a lot more than £33!

If you were to go to the shops and buy the equivalent amount of food and drinks, you’d probably come close to that amount, but bear in mind that catered ski chalets accommodate all dietary needs, free of charge, so you will be able to fully enjoy the holiday without worrying about your diet.

Of course, you could shop frugally, cook everything at home, and drink in moderation. In that case, you could probably save a little money. The experience would be very different, though. Would all the effort be worth the savings?


From our price comparison, we can reason that catered ski chalets offer much better value than self-catered ones. The amount of food, drink, and service provided is excellent value for money. Eating at the chalet every night would also save you the trouble of cooking or finding a good restaurant in town.

If you were to choose a self-catered ski chalet, you could either eat out most of the time, which is extremely expensive in the Alps, or cook at home. You could save some money if you were to shop, eat, and drink frugally all week.

If you’re looking for a catered place to stay in Europe, have a look at our luxury ski chalets in the French Alps. Many of our properties come with a hot tub, sauna, balcony, and fireplace.

In the morning, enjoy a filling breakfast before heading to the lifts. At the end of a long day on the slopes, you’re greeted with scrumptious homemade cakes and tea. In the evening, you'll get to enjoy a variety of delicious menus, accompanied by hand-picked quality wines. Finally, relax by the fireplace with an aperitif before bed.

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