Do's and don'ts for Driving on Ice & Snow

Do's and don'ts for Driving on Ice & Snow

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Do's and don'ts for Driving on Ice & Snow



  • Dig out your vehicle after fresh snowfall
  • Clear ALL the snow from your vehicle
  • Clear ALL the ice from your windows and mirrors
  • Carry out your vehicle roadworthiness checks
  • Park facing downhill or on level ground
  • When parking, leave adequate space in front of the vehicle for easy exit
  • Park safely and fit your snow chains before you get stuck
  • Park with the wipers pulled away from the windscreen
  • Drive with lights on when it’s snowing
  • Drive with snow chains when in deep snow
  • Drive at a slow and safe pace at all times
  • Keep your momentum going steadily when driving uphill
  • Use your gears to slow down and be in a low gear before negotiating a corner
  • Keep your distance
  • Look ahead for hazards all the time
  • Drive away from the steep edges (traffic permitting)
  • Stop if necessary and allow traffic to pass by
  • Keep a shovel and ice-scraper in your vehicle
  • Try and reverse out when stuck as the first option
  • Ensure you embark/disembark passengers on the kerbside
  • Ensure skis are stored safely


  • Park facing uphill on snow or ice
  • Try and start driving uphill on snow or ice from a stationery position
  • Stop when going uphill unless necessary
  • Continue spinning the wheels when stuck
  • Slam the breaks on whilst on ice or snow
  • Freewheel or ride the clutch when driving downhill or whilst negotiating corners
  • Drive onto the soft or deep snow at the edges
  • Don’t steer or brake erratically
  • Park somewhere that is difficult to reverse out of
  • Try and use your window wipers to clear heavy snowfall from your windscreen
Jul 2021
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