A Day in the life of a ski chalet host

A Day in the life of a ski chalet host

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A Day in the life of a ski chalet host

As written by an experienced hardcore saisonairre!

Working a ski season is incredibly and addictively rewarding, its damn hard work, but it’s so much fun and the benefits are enormous:- my fitness levels and stamina went through the roof, I enhanced my social skills and became more aware of how to fit in socially with people from all walks of life and all ages. My catering skills now are amazing and the thought of cooking a stylish dinner party for a large group with some panache is second nature.

Getting routines off to a tee is the secret to grabbing as much slope time as possible so here goes:-

7am: off goes the alarm and I’m up and in the shower!

7.30am: I’m in the door and quietly tidying up the left over wineglasses and coffee cups. There’s often a guest who has fallen asleep on the sofa!...I offer him a coffee. I draw the curtains, freshen the lounge up and set the table smartly with an abundance of breakfast offerings, cookery and cutlery and put the kettle on for the early risers. I’m busy in the kitchen preparing a hot option, its pancakes, fresh fruit and maple syrup today.

8am: My guests arriving and taking their seats for brekkie, some are in PJs, some are already in ski gear and they want to know the slope conditions, the weather outlook, my favourite run for the day and a restaurant choice. I’m multi-tasking, serving food, a continuous pouring of tea, coffee, food and smiles 😊

9am: My guests are keen and are grabbing a croissant as they head down to the boot room. I help them get organised and ensure they haven’t forgotten their piste maps, lift pass and sun cream. One or two struggle with their ski boots and I give a little friendly encouragement!

9.30am: The guests have gone, its peaceful, I turn up the tunes, crack on with the pot wash. My afternoon cake is out of the oven and cooling already and I’ve prepped the veg.

10am: the kitchen, lounge and dining areas are clean and tidy, the fireplace is cleaned and reset. I grab my cleaning bag and work my way around the bedrooms, making beds, cleaning the en-suites, hanging clothes and tidying up. I set the table for afternoon tea and cakes, fresh baguette and jams.

10.30am: I’m out the door, heading for the slopes with my pals. I’ve just done 3 hours intense work and I need my ski fix!

I grab about 3-4 hours on the slopes, just like I do almost every day!...wow…can’t beat it!

5.30pm: I’m back at work, the guests are enjoying the hot tub, my new friends are happy to see me and ask what’s for dinner. The log fire is lit and the kids are on the play-station.

6pm: Feed the kids, I made a lovely ragu this morning and I serve the best lasagne they’ve ever eaten and a chocolate mousse for dessert. Whilst they are eating, I’ve already made dessert and prepped entrée for tonight’s dinner party.

7pm: It’s pretty full on in the kitchen, the meal is cooking and I’ve cleared away kids tea and reset the table for evening meal and a gorgeous ambient candle-lit dinner party with some fine French wine to accompany.

7.30pm: I announce dinner, pour some wine and begin to serve the entrée shortly afterwards.

9.30pm: The guests are loving my food and there’s plenty of it, they are pretty impressed at my talents. I’ve cleaned the kitchen down, the dishwasher is on and I’ve tidied up the dining table.

I spend a short time with my new friends and then I’m heading off to the bar for some live music and to wind down. Some of my guests ask to tag along for the fun and were out the door with smiles, full tummies and memories of a brilliant day on the slopes.

It's addictive and I love it !

Jul 2021
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